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Not just a prototype

Ottehr is a production-ready EHR with everything you need: scheduling, eligibility, clinical notes, eRx, diagnostic orders, RCM.

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Telehealth First

Telehealth is not a second-class citizen.  Ottehr's video and messaging directly integrate with the clinical and patient experience. You won't find a better telemed EHR at any price.

Let Ottehr do the heavy lifting

Ottehr can reduce the time and cost of developing a custom EHR by 95%.

The Future of Ottehr

Ottehr today is an open source telehealth platform with patient registration, queuing, scheduling, messaging, and provider tracking. Fork and build to your needs.

Follow our roadmap and sync to pull charting, eRx, scheduling and RCM.

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Ottehr Rivermap

Roadmap with Launch events for 2024

Products Forked From Ottehr

About Us

Ottehr is an open source EHR that began as part of ZapEHR. After launching we realized that without an open-source EHR available as a starting point, releasing a custom EHR was still too difficult.

Ottehr is open to all, please submit feature requests or better yet, pull requests.  Our future EHRs will fork from Ottehr, and we hope yours will as well.

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