Modernize healthcare with an open source EHR 

Whether you want to build a custom EHR or a health-tech unicorn, Ottehr is your perfect starting point. Today, Ottehr is a HIPAA-compliant, open source telehealth platform, offering secure video and chat, patient waiting rooms and provider management in an easy to fork and run package.

Start building on Ottehr today and follow our roadmap to merge modules for charting, eRx, orders, and RCM.

Telehealth and Remote Monitoring 

Hassle-free virtual appointments and remote monitoring services.

Messaging & Engagement 

Communicate between patients and providers via 1-way or 2-way SMS and Chat.

Patient Intake 

Gather patient information, demographic data, and consent forms.


Manage your virtual or in-person waiting rooms, categorize patients, prioritize visits, track forms, and initiate visits.

Scheduling & Tracking

Providers can effortlessly publish their availability and manage availability of slots for patient bookings.

Customizable front-end experience

Modular front-end built against headless service architecture. Easy to adapt and integrate. 

Ready to fork and use

Made for developers, by developers. Fork today and continue to merge as we add scheduling, eligibility, charting,  eRx, orders, and RCM.

Meet with our engineers to learn more about building with Ottehr